MTAC School Library


The main mission of the library is to provide information services that support the training, research and consultancy information needs of MTAC staff and participants, through building and maintaining of a vital collection of information resources.

Opening Hours

Note: In order to access the library facilities, all students are required to have valid MTAC identity card.

Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 8:00PM


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday & Public Holidays Closed


To develop and provide an organized collections of both print and non-print resources that support the training, consultancy and research needs of MTAC staff and participants

To create an environment in which resources are made readily accessible, not only through the provision of appropriate facilities, furnishings, equipment, and supplies, but particularly through the provision of effective library service.

Services of the Library

  1. Information resource materials.
  2. Information guidance regarding the use of the Library.
  3. Selective Dissemination of Information.
  4. Current awareness services.
  5. Provide document production services.
  6. Email/ Internet Services.
  7. Conducive study environment.

Our Vision

The MTAC’s Vision is “a world of job creators and effective managers”

Our Mission

The mission is “to improve management performance and promote enterprise development through training and consultancy”.


Customer focus

Team Work


Quality Service