Hon. General Wilson Mbassu Mbadi, newly appointed Minister of State for Trade, embarked on an enlightening orientation tour of the Management Training Advisory Centre (MTAC) today. Welcomed by Mr. Soteri Karaanzi Nabeeta, the Executive Director of MTAC, along with the dedicated staff, Hon. Mbadi expressed his admiration for the pivotal role MTAC plays in Uganda's economic landscape.

During the tour, Mr. Nabeeta Soteri provided an overview of MTAC's history, emphasizing its dedication to fostering growth and innovation within Uganda. Hon. Mbadi lauded MTAC as a cornerstone facility crucial to Uganda's development, citing its substantial contributions to job creation, employment, and wealth generation.

Acknowledging MTAC's significant impact on capacity building, particularly in the oil and gas sector, Hon. Mbadi was impressed to learn that over 6000 young individuals received invaluable work readiness training through MTAC between 2018 and 2020. He highlighted the program's potential not only in enhancing economic prospects but also in promoting peace and security through increased job awareness.

The Minister commended MTAC for its extensive efforts in training 7890 youths and women across Uganda in the previous financial year, underscoring its vital role in fostering a competitive private-led economy. He emphasized MTAC's alignment with Uganda's ambitious economic goals, including the aspiration to elevate the GDP from USD 50 Billion to USD 500 Billion within a decade, a journey in which MTAC is poised to make a significant contribution.

In reaffirming his commitment to MTAC and its mission, Hon. Mbadi pledged unwavering support to ensure the effective execution of the center's mandate in advancing enterprise development. He expressed confidence in MTAC's potential to drive Uganda towards a prosperous future characterized by economic resilience and competitiveness.

Hon. General Wilson Mbassu Mbadi's visit underscores the pivotal role of institutions like MTAC in shaping Uganda's economic trajectory, highlighting a collective commitment towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Link to Pictures: https://mtac.ac.ug/gallery