Remarks from the Executive Director, Soteri Karanzi Nabeeta

I warmly welcome you all to MTAC Ntungamo, Kahunga Campus and to this function in particular. MTAC is privileged to hold the 10th Graduation Ceremony in which we celebrate the tremendous success of 127 graduands who completed their studies in different fields of study. Of the 127 graduands, 89 are females (70%) while the males account for 38 (30%). As MTAC, we are proud of the success registered by these graduands.

1:1 Key milestones in the development of MTAC Ntungamo
Start date: January 15, 2014.
Location: We started our operations in the premises of Singa Foundation for Development. We shortly after relocated to New Junction House where MTAC is currently operating from. At the time we located to that area, the area was dull, neglected with no business activity. It is gratifying to note the area is now a bee hive of business activities, a sign of growth.

MTAC Ntungamo is the first MTAC Outreach Centre to own a permanent home. This is the MTAC Ntungamo Kahunga Campus hosting us today. Congratulations to all the stakeholders through whose efforts this facility has become a reality.
Enrolment: Opened with one student by names of Ainebyoona Onesmas who pursued a Diploma in Public Administration and Management. Three weeks later, Onesmas was joined by two students that is Tukashaba Primrose and Ashaba Aggrey. Currently, the enrollment at MTAC Ntungamo stands at 184 students. We expect this number to more than double with the improvement in facilities that you are witnessing at Kahunga.

Staffing: MTAC Ntungamo started operations with four (4) staff who were more of volunteers.

These were:

1. Mr. Tusiime Dennis (who worked as a Centre Co-ordinator); 

2. Mr. Nayebare Naboth;
3. Mr. Turinawe Ibrahim and;

4. Ms. Nasaasira Immaculate.

The number of staff employed by MTAC Ntungamo on full and part time arrangement has since grown to 17 members.

2:0 Appreciation
During the FY 2023/204, MTAC posted significant achievements. These achievements are essentially attributed to the team work featuring several stakeholders, including the oversight Ministry, Local Government Authorities, Management and Staff as well as our esteemed clients across the Country. I wish therefore, on behalf of my colleagues, to express our gratitude to:
a) Government of the Republic of Uganda for creating and enabling environment that promotes training and skills development;
a) Hon. Mwebesa Francis, Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives and his colleagues, Hon. Bahati David Minister of State for Industry, Hon. Ntabazi Harriet, Minister of State for Trade and Hon. Ngobi Frederick Gume, Minister of State for Cooperatives effectively playing the oversight role in superintending over MTAC to implement its mandate;
b) The technical team at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives led by the Permanent Secretary, Ms. Geraldine Ssali for the tremendous support and wise counsel extended to MTAC, especially in the FY 2023/2024;
c) The technical team at the Ministry of Works and Transport. The team developed the Architecture designs for this magnificent structure and have tirelessly supervised the Contractor up to where it is. As Management, we cannot take their availability for MTAC’s work for granted and we shall be eternally grateful;
d) The Local Government Officials of MTAC Ntungamo and the surrounding districts for the enthusiasm and support extended to MTAC enabled continued smooth operations of MTAC’s interventions;
e) All my predecessor Executive Directors for the contribution made in the development of MTAC particularly Prof George Tumwesigye and his team who oversaw the establishment of MTAC Centres including MTAC Ntungamo whose success we are celebrating today;
f) Management and Staff for playing the role of shepherds for these graduands and for their continued loyalty, commitment and dedication in implementing MTAC’s Strategic Plan. For all the successes, please thank this team that I work with, and for all the shortcomings, the blame is entirely mine;
g) Parents, guardians/ sponsors for supporting the graduands up to this day;
h) Guild leaders, past and present, from MTAC Ntungamo and Mbarara Centres for the supportive role given to Staff and Management in managing students’ affairs;
i) Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) for the award of Diplomas and Certificates for some of these graduands;